FPV Systems

Wednesday, 7pm, @ 206N Talbot

First-person view (FPV) is a method used to control a radio-controlled quad-copter from the pilot’s perspective. The goal of this year’s AIAA FPV Technical Team is to create a modular live video feed system that will allow us to fly an RC aircraft from the pilot’s point of the view. We will accomplish this using a Gear 360 camera which will allow us to record stunning 360 degree video and then view it in first person via a VR headset.


JetCat Jet Engine

Tuesday, 7pm @ 319N Talbot

The JetCat Team works with a JetCat P140-RX, a high-performance, RC, turbojet engine employed on high-end model aircraft. We have a variety of projects intended to improve the performance and safety of the engine, including: designing and analyzing exhaust nozzles using CAD and CFD software, designing and constructing an engine test stand and engine guard, and researching methods to automate the engine’s operation. This project is hands-on work with a technical foundation, and is a great chance to develop mechanical and fluid dynamical knowledge.



Tuesday, 7pm, @ 206N Talbot

The goal of the hexrotor project is to produce a modular design multirotor that can be used as a development platform for a variety of hardware and software applications. Our maiden flight is scheduled for mid October, and we plan to explore a variety of computer visualization, advanced telemetry, and autonomous control projects once our hexacopter can fly.


3D Printed UAV

Thursday, 7pm @ 206N Talbot

This group has been working on designing and testing their own autonomous plane like the one to the right. The plane will eventually be 3D printed and will be modular.


Engineering Open House Projects

Monday, 7pm @ 206N Talbot

In this group we will work on developing projects and exhibits to display at EOH in Spring 2017.