MAXDrones is a tech project that focuses heavily on computer science and its application to aerospace engineering, specifically to the control of drones. It is our mission to expose undergraduate students to interdisciplinary engineering practices to achieve the goal of autonomous drone flight. We will explore exciting concepts such as real-time systems, sensors, and computer vision to accomplish our mission. The MAXDrones team has made it their long-term goal to achieve autonomous object tracking, and is working with Python this semester to achieve fundamental drone control.


22 January 2019 – Welcome Back!

Welcome to the Spring 2019 semester! After tinkering with Labview to explore the fundamentals of drone control over the past few months, the MAXDrones team is ready to take their tech project to the next phase of development. This semester, we are transitioning to the Python programming language, which we selected due to its open source nature, and the wide availability of drone-related libraries. We believe that mastering pre-programmed flight control via Python will bring us one step closer to achieving our ultimate goal of autonomous object tracking. To a productive semester ahead!