Officers 2018-2019

Brenda Reyn
Brenda Reyn is a junior in aerospace engineering. Her focus of study is air primarily focusing on commercial aviation. In her free time, she loves to travel and try new things. She is incredibly excited to serve as AIAA's VP External for the 2019-2020 school year.
Samantha Paige
Samantha is a senior in aerospace engineering. Her concentration is in space. In her free time, she is also involved with ISS, October Lovers, and the Illini Strings Orchestra. She is happy to be the Senior Advisor for this great organization! Upon graduation, Samantha will be moving on to Boeing Space, Defense, & Security.
Ari Jain
Ari is a sophomore in aerospace engineering who is also getting a minor in materials science. On campus, he conducts research in the Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering Departments. Ari also tutors the University's student athletes. Outside of school, Ari loves to hang out with friends, write, and plan fun events for all of you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email him.
Sai Sriraman
Nectarios Kourtis
Nectarios is junior in Aerospace Engineering, with a concentration in Air. He is a member of Student Aircraft Builders where he is working on completing the Zenith two-seat aircraft. He is also the manager and program director of Champaign's Alternative WPGU 107.1FM and holds a student pilot's licence. As tech officer he manages four tech projects with topics in drone structures, jet-propulsion, FPV technology, and modeling of aerospace systems.
Ambar Sarup
Kevin Jones

Officers 2017-2018

Joseph Billhartz
I am honored to have been chosen to be President of AIAA for the 2017-2018 Academic year. I am a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering, with interests in aeronautics. Feel free to reach out any time, I am happy to assist with corporate, social, or technical events. Thanks, Joseph Billhartz
Sai Sriraman
Vice President - External
Sai is a sophomore in aerospace engineering and plans on minoring in electrical engineering. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, tennis and of course gaming. If you have any questions related to corporate outreach, be sure to reach out to Sai for help or to suggest an idea!
Samantha Paige
Vice President - Internal
Samantha is a sophomore in aerospace engineering. Her focus of study is space and she is interested in either structures or propulsion. In her free time, she is involved with Women in Aerospace, Society of Women Engineers, Women in Engineering, ISS, October Lover’s, and the Illini Strings Orchestra. She is happy to be the next VP Internal for this great organization!
Nectarios Kourtis
Hey guys! I’m Nectarios and I am a freshman! I will be the secretary of the AIAA Exec. Board, which means that I will be sending you all the emails! YAY! I am an aviation enthusiast so if you ever wanna talk about airline business or FSX send me a message. Within UIUC I am involved with the SAB Design team, entrepreneurship through TEC (I am working in a team that will hopefully manage to become a startup), and I am also a DJ for WPGU 107.1 Champaign’s Alternative! On my free time I watch late night talk shows and write jokes, desk pieces, and sketches! I am looking forward to talking to you!
Jake Ribich
Jake Ribich is currently a Sophomore in the engineering physics program. You're probably thinking "why is a physicist in AIAA?" Well it turns out that he is double majoring in astronomy, which will hopefully lead to astrophysics, so he's basically an Aerospace engineering major, right? Outside of AIAA he is involved in SPS and various mathematical competitions. One of his biggest passions is playing the trumpet, and I am a pretty big fan of tennis. Reach out to him with any questions, or if you want to play a duet or some doubles!
Jianqiao (Peter) Xiao
Technical Director
I’m Jianqiao(Peter), a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. As an aviation enthusiast, I love to discuss aerospace topics and share my views on them. I like control systems in particular and hope to design automatic systems that collaborate effectively with human beings that significantly improve safety. Besides planes, I like cooking, sketching and cycling. I hope I could bring my enthusiasm into this group and make more applicable technical achievements.
Brenda Reyn
Katie is serving as the EC Ambassador for AIAA and she couldn't be more excited! Along with AIAA, she is heavily involved with Women in Aerospace (WIA) and the Women in Engineering program on campus. She enjoys anything and everything aerospace related, but is especially interested in guidance, navigation and control of spacecraft missions. In her free time, she enjoy playing tennis and chess, and is always up for a challenge! She is looking forward to a great year!
Will Crawford
Will is serving as AIAA's webmaster and media specialist for the 2016-2017 school year. He is a Junior in Aerospace during this school year. Outside of AIAA, he has been involved with the development of Kerbal Space Program, Greek Life, and pursuing his love of astronomy. Be sure to shoot him an email if you have any great ideas for the website.