AIAA is the world's largest professional society devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The purpose of the society is "to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of aeronautics and astronautics, and to promote the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits."

AIAA Updates

Tech Project Meeting Times Fall 2016

Tech projects will be meeting at the following times this semester (all locations are in Talbot Laboratory):
  • EOH Projects - Monday, 7pm @ 206N
  • OpenRocket Simulator - Monday, 7pm @ 319N
  • Hexrotor - Tuesday, 7pm, @ 206N
  • JetCat - Tuesday, 7pm @ 319N
  • FPV - Wednesday, 7pm, @ 206N
  • 3D Printed UAV - Thursday, 7pm @ 206N

Come to our first meeting of Fall 2016!

Come to our first general meeting on Wednesday 8/24 from 7-8PM in Talbot Laboratory 103! Whether you're a returning member or interested in checking out our organization for the first time, this will be a great opportunity to learn what AIAA has in store for the semester. Ice cream will be served!

AIAA Junior Board

Looking for a way to find a leadership opportunity in AIAA as a new student or member? Consider applying for a position on our junior executive board! You can read more about what the junior board does and apply here. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to our president Clayton Summers at .

EOH Volunteer Sheet

EOH is coming up soon, and we need volunteers to show off the tech projects AIAA's worked on through the year. If you want to shock and amaze small children, or have nothing better to do on a Saturday, sign up here!

AIAA Student Conference

AIAA Conference

The AIAA Region 3 conference is coming up soon, taking place on April 1st and 2nd! Abstracts are due on March 7th, and registration is already open, so check the website for submission information, or download the Call for Papers here.

New team members are always welcome, so feel free to drop by and learn exciting technical skills this semester!

AIAA Board Elections

Congratulations to our AIAA Junior Board for 2015-2016:

President -- Max Feinberg --

VP External -- Sai Sriraman --

VP Internal -- Karman Joshi --

Tech Officer -- Marty Motz --

Treasurer -- Tyler Tetef --

Secretary -- Trevor Giannetti --

Media Specialist -- Katie Carroll --

Remind 101

Want to receive text message or email reminders for AIAA events? Text @AIAA to (217)-909-4102 or email a blank email to

Membership Form

If you missed signing up to be an AIAA member you can do so here.

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